Want to know the day of Jesus’ return?

Here is someone who seems to know that the day of Christ’s return is coming, and he even knows the day on the Hebrew calendar that it will happen. All you have to do is watch a two DVD series by Pastor Mark Blitz of El Shaddai Ministries and you will find out, but there is a problem. They don’t know what year it will be in. That is informative! Let me know what day, but don’t tell me if it will happen next week or in the next week two years from now. What utter ridiculousness!

I think there is a reason that the Lord refers to that day as ‘the day of Yahweh’. In 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, it says, “Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, ‘There is peace and security,’ then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” (ESV) I think that says it all, does it not?

Maybe next they will figure out how to determine the spiritual state of a person based on their past actions toward the world and the church comparatively…

Joel Osteen and his wife

Joel Osteen and his wife

What a privilege! Milwaukee, WI will be hosting Joel Osteen at the Bradley Center (one of the sport complexes of Milwaukee)  in late November. Oh joy! What glory! I can’t wait to be on vacation while they are here. I hope no one shows up! It would do them better not to! Here is his own schedule.

(Maybe he is trying to redefine Thanksgiving in our area…)

Last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to attend my Christian Home School graduation in my area. I had many friends graduating and moving on in life (Unfortunately, many of them are leaving home for secular college.). At the particular church it was hosted at, there was a room in the back part of the building called the ‘Jr. & Sr. High Room’. Immediately my thoughts turned into, Uh oh, this is going to be a typical no-Bible, no-sound doctrine room. To a large degree I was indeed right, but what I saw literally frightened me.

I have indeed been in room such as these before. In the last ‘church’ I attended, they had a similar room. In reality, I was not exactly surprised by what I saw, but I was indeed shocked to see the extreme proportions to which it extended. I will attempt to give you an idea of what this room looked like:

  • Band stage, complete with drum set, bass guitar, electric guitar, mikes, and other instruments.
  • Large projector screen
  • Projector
  • Flat screen (approx. 30″) HD TV
  • Pool table, ice hockey table, ping pong table, foosball table, another table similar to the pool table
  • Popcorn machine
  • Lava and glitter lamp
  • Two sets of round, black bar tables with four chairs each
  • Two large rows of unmatched lazy chairs, couches, and love seats arranged in front of the band stage

If I had simply given the list at the beginning of this post without a name, what would it remind you of? A teenage recreational center is what it made me think of; and in reality, that’s all it really is. I couldn’t find a Bible or doctrinal book of any sort, or any form of a stand for holding papers a teacher might use to talk to the teens. I can’t imagine that there is any sort of true, sound, Biblical teaching given in that room at all.

This room created thoughts in my head. I have had other thoughts about this rubbish before, but this time I had something solid to ponder on. That room offers no truth whatsoever. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of teens in the church leave when that is the kind of ‘Sunday school’ they are receiving? They are getting Bible stories from church and not true sound doctrine and the answers that they need to be giving to the world when they are challenged. Does not Peter say ” Now who is there to harm you if you are zealous for what is good?  But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame. For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that should be God’s will, than for doing evil.” (1 Peter 3:13-17, ESV)

I hope that this will encourage those who read this would seek to read the Scriptures, and earnestly seek after truth, and set aside this rubbish the modern ‘church’ has to offer. I certainly look forward to spending my Sabbath worshipping the Lord in spirit and truth tomorrow morning, and I certainly don’t need any entertainment to do so.

Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian

Just last Friday I went to see the just opened “Prince Caspian” in theatres with my dad and sister. I enjoyed the movie from a movie’s perspective, and that is about it. Only about 30% of the book was in the movie, and the rest was all artistic license, added scenes, and other worthless Hollywood-esque junk.  The computer animation was absolutely breathtaking, but I had to remind myself that I was coming to see a movie that was made for enjoyment, not for any kind of Christian story telling.

But unfortunately, Christian story-telling is what most Christians make of the first book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, even though it is very much non-Christian and heretical in many places. They are interesting books and movies as long as you understand that they are NOT Christan in any sense of the word. Coming to the point, I came across this article today about the books of Narnia and what C.S. Lewis had in mind when he first wrote them.

A great deal of the so-called “Christianity” of these books are absolutely worthless. Aslan, who is intended to be the “Christ” of the Narnian series, is sorrowfully misrepresented throughout the entire series as a lion whose entire interest is in the good of those who love him and simply helps them when they truly trust in him for help. He has no great judgment of the wicked who rebelled against his laws, and he used the magic of the world, which often takes similar form to witchcraft-like spells and powers. This is not the Christ of the Scriptures and should not be presented as an analogy of the Gospels and their aspects.

Also, the critical scene of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is when the White Witch slays Aslan instead of taking Edmund as her ‘sacrifice’. This is intended to show the sacrifice of Christ for those who believe in Him, but there is a HUGE problem. Christ did not offer His life to Satan to be killed. He laid down His own life and bore the wrath of God the Father for the sins of the elect. Had Christ offered Himself to Satan, He therefore gave up His kingdom to the power Satan, meaning that Christ no longer is sovereing over His creation and all things. Christ’s kingdom is eternal, the devil’s will perish at the final judgment.

Just as a side note, Aslan came to life is less than 24 hours, and Christ remained the grave for three days.

Not only did Aslan supposeldy rise from the dead, he did not rise by his own sovereing power as Christ did, but because of a great ‘magic’ that was laid down before the foundations of the Narnia. God does not use magic or sorcery or witchcraft to accomplish His means; He condemns them and pronounces them wickedness.

Overall, there is no possible correlation between the so-called gospel story and the true Gospel as given in Scripture. It would be wise to avoid reading the books or seeing the movies with the idea of watching a ‘Christian’ film. Literally speaking, it would be ridiculous to call it Christian. It is heretical at its core! If you do like the movies and/or the books, seeing them as novels with interesting plots and twists or movies with amazing battle scenes and computer animation is fine, but don’t call it Christian.

Can’t Preach That!

May 16, 2008

I just came across this little song today posted by Tominthebox News Network. It has a very catchy tune and fun lyrics, but pay attention. Even though it is fun, there is a lot of truth and fact to the satire they make of preachers like Osteen, Warren, Hybels, McLaren, or Schuller. ‘Preaching’ may be how they describe it, but it is not the true exegetical preaching of God’s Word.

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TomintheBox News Network

How true? (Yet you laugh)


The Purpose-Driven Church plus any other churches on that downslide are still going farther still. At this Old Truth post, he certainly does a good job exposing the ways churches today draw people in: entertainment. Sometimes it is every shocking to hear the ways they try to draw people in for entertainment and fun. Does worship need to be fun? Should it be fun? No. It shouldn’t be ‘fun’, but it is something we ought to desire to do. Churches are trying to get people desire to ‘worship’ God by giving them something fun to do while they are ‘worshipping’. Is this the right approach to Scripture?

Tom Chantry has written a series of blog posts on the approach all Christians ought to have on worhsip. You can read it at the CRBC website here.

Worship is not to be approached lightly. We must remember we are coming before the God who created the universe with His word, is so glorious that no man can stand in His full presence and live, who can destroy thousands upon thousands of men in a single night, and can save the hearts of rebellious and totally depraved men and bring them to salvation. Should we approach our God with a sense of ‘this is worship because it is fun’? NO! In The First Commandment (Part 2), Mr. Reisinger makes it clear from Scripture that we have a duty to woship God. Why? Because He commands our worhsip.

Not only are we to approach God is respect and fear, we ought to remember to worship Him correctly. What happens to men who do not worship God the way he commands? Some examples: Cain, Nadab and Abihu, Hophni and Phinehas, Ananias and Sapphira. All these men and women did not worship God the way he commanded, and they all were punished or killed for their sin. Is the modern church today looking at these examples of worshipping God in any way they so choose? Apparently not. Mabye they need to actually pick up a Bible and read it sometime…and mabye after that to obey it…