9/11 Tribute and Truth

September 11, 2008

9/11 Attack Rememberance

9/11 Attack Remembrance

It is amazing how well so many people will remember a single moment in their lives that is often of no importance, but only seven years after these attacks, we have a democrat looking for the President’s office who wants to remove our military force from Iraq, and allow the terrorists to bring the war to American shores once they have breathing room. America, as a whole, has nearly forgotten 9/11.

Many people often look at this horrendous event in our country’s history and ask, “How would a loving God…”, and then then look at the Christians and ask them to answer that question. It is with heavy heart that I say that most Christians don’t understand how the question is to be answered. This event was indeed decreed by God before the foundations of the earth and was given as a reminder to Americans that we are mortal men and not sovereign gods. Only God alone is sovereign, and He has the right to kill me in my sleep for all of my horrid rebellion and iniquity that I have committed against Him alone.

I will never forget this day, nor the great sacrifices our military heroes have made to protect these shores, and, to be perfectly honest, I think that we need another 9/11 to remind many Americans that God is sovereign and man is but dust in the wind.


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