Favorite Spurgeon Quote (one of, at least)

September 7, 2008

I came across this quote by Spurgeon from Pyromaniacs and I couldn’y help but simply laugh and say, : Yeah, I guess that is really true, isn’t it?” Hope you enjoy it as well.

“We are invited, brethren, most earnestly to go away from the old-fashioned belief of our forefathers because of the supposed discoveries of science. What is science? The method by which man tries to conceal his ignorance.”

“How To Meet the Evils of the Age” chapter 4 in An All-Round Ministry.

Here is the full page of Spurgeon on Pyro.

Also, I would also please ask for your prayers as well. This evening, I was tearing down at my church after prayer meeting and I caught my finger im a folding table (the kind that rolls when you fold ir in half), and I am currently recovering from pain as well as typing this message with my left hand (with lots of typos along the way). I play piano very actively as a competitor in competitions as well as fory church. Please pray for a speedy recovery and very litte damage done. Thanks!


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