Christian Mothers, Pastors, Writers, Students Communicate Their Opposition To A Feminist Vision of Family Life and the American Presidency

September 6, 2008

With all of the news about the political rush for President, I came across this article by Doug Phillips:

Within twenty-four hours of the announcement that John McCain was inviting Sarah Palin to serve as his vice presidential candidate, three things happened. First, the press was inundated with a seemingly endless barrage of announcements from neo-conservative organizations offering unqualified support for the selection of Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate. Second, we met Sarah Palin and discovered not only that she is the mother of an infant, and that she returned to politics three days after giving birth, but that she is a feminist (1) who identifies with the leaders of the feminist movement and publicly praises them; (2) who uses the language of the feminist cause to rally supporters; (3) who praises some of the most vicious feminists in history as a means of rallying female voters; and (4) who has embraced the type of lifestyle regarding leadership, career, and children which has long been touted as a feminist ideal.

The third thing we saw was confusion in the ranks of both liberal feminists and neo-con Christians. Both proved their loyalties were driven more by political expediency than principle. Not knowing what to do with a feminist, pro-life Republican vice presidential candidate, feminist Democrats raised criticisms of Mrs. Palin which reflected their own hypocrisy. On the other hand, neo-con Christians performed triple back-flips to justify or overlook behavior and qualification deficiencies in their new Republican candidate that they would found have found distasteful had the female candidate been a Democrat.

On the other hand, there has been a response from the pro-family movement which reflects the historical and theologically orthodox position concerning what the Bible says about the mothers of young children ruling over nations. They are willing to ask the very questions that Rudy Giuliani and Republican apologists are now declaring off-limits: “At a time when the family is in such chaos, when fatherhood is in decline and when godly models of motherhood are so disparaged, what in the world are Republicans doing advocating the mother of an infant special needs child, and other young children, to serve as Commander in Chief?”

Their voices reflect the opinion of many around the country who are asking if the emperor is dressed in the beautiful clothing that neo-cons claim are really there, or whether the emperor is as buck naked as he appears to be. Because their loyalties are not with parties, but with the Church first, foremost, and forever, the analysis of these Christians is more focused on “what sayeth the Scriptures,” rather than “what winneth elections.” Here is a selection of their voices from the blogosphere:

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