Much Needed Prayer

September 4, 2008

Friends and readers,

I will continue my series with Watson, but before I do, I must ask for much needed prayer. One of the deacons in my church has a serious bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta (which is better known as ‘brittle bone disease’). This means that he can easily break a bone doing just about anything, including sneezing or coughing. Over the last year or so (maybe longer), this disease has been causing him extreme pain. He is also dealing with a failing liver and weak kidneys, and he has been hospitalized multiple times in the last several months. His liver has deteriorated so significantly that he is in critical need of a transplant. My church has been blessed because of him, especially in regards to the website he created and maintains for us. Unfortunately, nobody else at the church has the knowledge required to run the entire church website, and the knowledge I have in yet insufficient. (He also ran his own Calvinist blog for several years, but he was forced to shut it down because of his extreme condition. You can visit it here.)

Again, please lift him up in prayer today. It always the best thing to do.

In Christ,

Matt from Solus Cristus


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