A Sure Guide to Heaven

May 12, 2008

This month I am reading Joseph Alleine’s A Sure Guide to Heaven as my book for the month in the Puritan Paperback Challenge. Being in the middle of my Bible hour (As I am home schooled, I have the time and the ability to have a Bible time), I figured I would sit down and write a few of my thoughts as I progress through this book of the necessity of conversion and the aspects of unconversion.

Alleine has, in the course of a few pages, laid out the affects of conversion upon the nature of man. It affects not only the mind but also the members of the converted man. Corrupted and dead is the natural man’s mind in sin and therefore seeks out all the pleasures, the follies, the lusts, and the desires of the world. He has no regard for the glory of God, but when he is converted, the entire will reverses course. He regards even the smallest details of his daily life as a work unto the Lord and loathes a scintilla of sin in his mind, will, or actions. Living day to day for God’s glory and his own humiliation and submission to him is all he desires; the work of the Spirit thrives in his very being and his love for Christ brims over in his actions.

The carnal and unconverted man’s will is nothing but an abomination in the sight of God. All unconverted men are cormorants of vainglory. Praise and honor and adoration from wicked men is the bent of their desires and their cravings. Alleine says in regard to the treatment man gives to creation, “O dreadful thought! That God should build such a world as this, and lay out such infinite power, and wisdom, and goodness thereupon, and all in vain; and that man should be guilty, at last, of robbing and spoiling Him of the glory of all!” (pg. 54)

Let us learn from the works of the unconverted and be careful to give glory to God for his handiwork and creation in fulfilling our duty towards him.



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