Pope to Join all of the other Tree-Huggers

September 1, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of the pagan Roman Catholic church, has decided to join the eco-friendly, plant-preserving, tree-huggers that evironmentalists are. He will be leading a ‘economically friendly festival’ for Roman Catholic youths that will be using all of the required eating utensils and clothing prescribed by evironmentalists.

Unfortunately, when they call it ‘Save creation day’, they are not referring to saving the account given in Scripture, but to ‘Mother earth’. Why can’t people look at creation and see a creator? The Bible says they do, but they deny it. Scripture also tells us why, because “the fool says in heart, ‘There is no God’ ” (Psalm 14:1).¬† Until I post next, I will be sure to be using only recycled plastic and biodegradable silverware.


2 Responses to “Pope to Join all of the other Tree-Huggers”

  1. May a giant scorching ozone hole open up in the atmosphere right above the Vatican :-)

  2. Matt from Solus Cristus Says:

    Or we could just have Super Brittle Man take over instead? ;-)

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