Worship: Designed for Entertainment?

August 30, 2007

The Purpose-Driven Church plus any other churches on that downslide are still going farther still. At this Old Truth post, he certainly does a good job exposing the ways churches today draw people in: entertainment. Sometimes it is every shocking to hear the ways they try to draw people in for entertainment and fun. Does worship need to be fun? Should it be fun? No. It shouldn’t be ‘fun’, but it is something we ought to desire to do. Churches are trying to get people desire to ‘worship’ God by giving them something fun to do while they are ‘worshipping’. Is this the right approach to Scripture?

Tom Chantry has written a series of blog posts on the approach all Christians ought to have on worhsip. You can read it at the CRBC website here.

Worship is not to be approached lightly. We must remember we are coming before the God who created the universe with His word, is so glorious that no man can stand in His full presence and live, who can destroy thousands upon thousands of men in a single night, and can save the hearts of rebellious and totally depraved men and bring them to salvation. Should we approach our God with a sense of ‘this is worship because it is fun’? NO! In The First Commandment (Part 2), Mr. Reisinger makes it clear from Scripture that we have a duty to woship God. Why? Because He commands our worhsip.

Not only are we to approach God is respect and fear, we ought to remember to worship Him correctly. What happens to men who do not worship God the way he commands? Some examples: Cain, Nadab and Abihu, Hophni and Phinehas, Ananias and Sapphira. All these men and women did not worship God the way he commanded, and they all were punished or killed for their sin. Is the modern church today looking at these examples of worshipping God in any way they so choose? Apparently not. Mabye they need to actually pick up a Bible and read it sometime…and mabye after that to obey it…


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