A Safe Hiding Place (Part 2)

August 29, 2007

“Many, many years later, an aged soldier came from a far country back to his Scottish fatherland. For years he had served his fatherland in another country as a soldier. He had been wounded many times, yes, severely wounded. But each time he had recovered again. This time, however, he feels that he will not recover from his last wounds. Therefore he received a honorable discharge from the service. His only desire now is to hear the gospel preached in the language of his fatherland. Therefore he goes to church the very first Sunday, though with much difficulty. Amazingly, the minister seemed to be someone who came from the same place the soldier was from. He hears this immediately in his accent. But he is moved still more in the midst of the sermon, when the minister tellls about the history of a widow and her child. As safe as that child was years ago in the cleft of the rock, so safe is also the church of Christ under His protection. This soldier had heard this told him many times by his mother, but she also had told him how she had cried to the Lord at that time out of deep distress of soul for deliverance and help from the Almightly God.A few days later this minister was called to the sickbed of a dying man. Can you guess who this man was? The old soldier. He told the minister that he was the son of the woman he had told about in his sermon.He told the minister he was going to die, and asked him if he would bury him next to his mother. He said, “The Lord has heard the prayers of my mother. As a child I found a safe place in the cleft of a rock. But now as an old man I have found a much safer place.””He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Ps.91:1)

This is the Rock of all ages.”

From: “Religious Stories for Young and Old” by J.R. Beeke


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