Reminder of Purpose-Driven Problems

August 27, 2007

Today over at this article on Slice of Laodicea, Ingrid posted a reminder to everyone the worldview of Rick Warren about what he honestly thinks spiritual maturity is. FYI, Rick, being involved simply in ‘church programs’ is NOT spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity comes through the study of God’s Word and a devotion to obey Him only, not impressing people with your supposed ‘devotion’ to the church’

In all of this, I must remind you, that devotion to the church is not a bad thing. In fact, God commands us to be united together with the brethren in Christ, and to fellowship with them. The point to be made though is that simply being involved in the church does NOT demonstrate spiritual maturity. Demonstrate your love for God by obeying His commands. That is what He wants: our obedience.


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