Mary Just Died (Or Resurrected) This Week

August 24, 2007

Just to cause more problems between the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox ‘churches’, they are now debating on whether or not Mary died and stayed here. They can’t seem to come to an agreement on anything. Sun-Times reports how Mary is now getting looked at in a whole new way. Was she resurrected, or did she die?

There seems to be the problem with the fact that some of these Catholics believe that she couldn’t have died because she was the mother of Jesus, and that she had original grace, NOT original sin as the Scriptures clearly state. Some say she died and was resurrected because her body was never found. (I wonder if the reason her body was never found was because the Arlington National Cemetary took it and hid it with all of those other bones in that box that they guard 24/7…)

Mabye these people need to think about what the Scripture says. Mary was an ordinary human being like everyone else. She was a sinner in need of a Savior. Sure, she gave birth to that Savior, but why make her special in any way. She was merely the means whereby God brought Christ into the world. Mabye that is what the Catholics need – a good dose of truth.


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