Taking Advantage of the Position

August 23, 2007

Just this week, there has been another case of a pastor stealing millions from the church which he himself founded. Not only was the pastor convicted, his son, who took over the pastorate in 1995, has also been convicted. Read the article at OneNewsNow.com.

Unfortunately, those who claim to be Christians often do so to gain for themselves, as it is in this case. What is still more baffling is that these men are pleading not guitly, but already the church, under its new pastor, has given $300,000 of the money they have recovered to missions. How can these men still lie in the face of obvious sin? But that is our natural nature, isn’t it? We all, when our hearts where dark, were willing to lie to get out of being punished for something we knew was wrong. These men claim to be pastors, yet they have been stealing from their own church for years.

I pray that God would convict these men’s hearts about or their sin and beg God for forgiveness for their crime.


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