A Safe Hiding Place (Part 1)

August 22, 2007

“A mother, with a child upon her arm, was traveling through the mountains in Scotland. It was a rough and narrow path, and at some places the valleys were very deep, and the path winding along edge.

 “All of a sudden the weather changed. The sky became cloudy, and a powerful wind began to blow. The nice sunny weather disappeared in a moment. Hail and snow flew in the face of this woman. She wrapped her child in the blanket and held it close to her bosom. It became slippery and very dangerous, yes, impossible! What must she do? She say a big cleft in a rock, and she laid her baby in it. She herself would truy and reach the civilized world to seek help for her child. But….. on account of the severe weather condition and the thick darkness, she lost her way. her neighbors who had missed her, went out to look for her, and found her the next morning. She was lying in the deep snow, nearly frozen from the cold, and not able to move anymore. This mother was not able to tell them exactly where her child was, The neighbors did not lose courage, but went to search for the child. Finally they heard a child cry. They went towards the place where the sound came from, and soon they fuond the child unharmed, safe in the cleft of the rock.”

From: “Religious Stories for Young and Old” by J.R. Beeke

To be continued…


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