Getting ‘Right’ With God at The Altar

August 17, 2007

Here is a wonderful explanation of the unbiblical nature of the ‘altar call’ in the modern Arminian church. This is a link to today’s post on Old Truth.

“I remember being so impressed as a young convert over 20 years ago, watching Jimmy Swaggart on TV talk about the design of his megachurch, and how it was optimized for maximum numbers of people around the altar. His services on TV would often end with a call for believers to come forward and “take care of business” and get right with God. In the church that I used to attend, before it went seeker sensitive, there were always a whole bunch of tissue boxes lined up at the altar in anticipation of sobbing people. I’ve heard of extreme accounts of people wanting salvation on a given Thursday, and being encouraged by church leaders to wait for the Sunday altar call to make it happen; that’s practically a form of “salvation via the church”. These are some troubling examples of the inroads that the modern “altar” has made in post-Finney American evangelicalism, and here to get the discussion started on this topic is Chad VanRens


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