Encouragment for Young Children and Teenagers

August 5, 2007

I just recently listened to a CD published by Vision Forum called What to Expect from a Twelve-Year Old. It is a sermon given by Dr. S.M. Davis. The sermon topic was how our children, whether they are 12-years old, a little younger, or even older to base their attitudes, their conscience, their love for God, and their desire to obey God using the example of Christ as a 12-year old.

Dr. Davis then goes through a list of 7 things that children and teenagers can learn from the example of Christ, which are as follows:

  1. Expect mature sense of responsibility, purpose, and destiny
  2. Have a keen sense of discernment, especially in the company I keep
  3. Have a burning hunger to understand truth and wisdom
  4. Be fully obedient
  5. Be consistently respectful
  6. Totally and fully committed to doing the Will of God in my life
  7. Have an unmistakable Godliness about my life

My family and I all listened to this together. One of the reasons we listened to it is because my younger sister is 11, and will soon be twelve years old (well, maybe not soon, but eventually). Even though the title of the sermon seems to apply to younger children, the content of the sermon certainly doesn’t imply this, as you can see from the list. I know I certainly need considerable work in a few of these areas, and I know everyone could use a little work in any one of these areas.

I certainly was reminded of my failures in some of these areas, and this helped drive me to work harder in improving in these areas. I even typed out this list in a nice, BIG font and put it up in my room as a reminder. I will eventually put it in a frame, but I will be there until I can either get a better or bigger copy of it.
I hope this has been an encouragment to everyone.


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