Two Views of Death

May 2, 2007

Hello everyone! I am terribly sorry I have not posted recently. I have been very busy these past few weeks, and did not have much time to spend here. Now that I am back, I will post my response essay I wrote on the VT shootings for now.


To the world, death is natural. It is what has driven the process of evolution to bring about mankind from the ooze and slime over millions of years. To the world, it has removed the inferior creatures and has brought about man. When disaster occurs, however, and lives are lost, the world accuses God of allowing people to die, claiming that they were innocent and did not deserve to die at all. It is ‘unfair’ and ‘unloving’ for God to allow for people to die in massacres and murders. No doubt the families of the massacre at Virginia Tech have cursed God and asked “How could God allow my child to die when the have done nothing wrong? What did they do to deserve to die in such a horrid event?”

Death, from a Christian point of view, is the just consequence of sin and is what all men deserve for their rebellion. All men are sinners, and we are guilty of breaking His Law. The consequence of violating God’s perfect Law is death. Thus, since all men are guilty before the Law, we all deserve to die. No man is ‘innocent’. The better question for the men to ask would be, “Why does God in His mercy to allow any of us to live?” God in His mercy has given us Christ, who has atoned for the sins of men from every tongue, tribe, and nation. His atoning work upon the cross is the only means whereby sinners can escape the eternal judgment of God. We are commanded by God in His Word to repent and believe in the work of Christ, that we may escape eternal death, and to be given eternal life.

These two views collide when they are brought to the forefront of society. The world laments the loss of their loved ones and friends, as do Christians, but the world turns to Christians and blames their God for allowing the death of those whom they loved. More often than not, Christians do not respond because they do not understand death. When the world asks Christians for a reason of death, many cannot give it. Christians must embrace the truth and proclaim it to the world, remembering that we all deserve death because of our sin. Christ Jesus became sin for us, that we might have eternal life if we repent and believe in Him who died and rose again for sins. Christians must grasp the biblical view of sin and death
As Doug Phillips, the president and founder of Vision Forum Ministries said in his newsletter ‘On the Horror at Virginia Tech’, “[E]very tragedy is an opportunity God gives to reflect glory and honor to Him. We give glory to Him as we reach out to others and lead them to the great Comforter.

Now is the time for Christians to reach out in love to those who are in unimaginable pain, as well as those who are just shell-shocked by the horrible news. There is a time to mourn with those who mourn, and this is that time. Let us mourn, love, and encourage — and let us give God the glory in everything — even death.” We must glorify God in all that we do, and we can glorify Him by obeying Him and proclaiming the truth of His Word to sinners who are in need of salvation. Even in times of tragedy and death, we must glorify Him as we do in times of joy and happiness. We must reach out to those in need, who are still walking in darkness and rebellion toward God, and proclaim the Gospel of Christ giving glory to God in times of tragedy and sorrow.


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  1. David Peyton Says:

    Hey Matt,

    Looking forward to your next post…!

    In Christ,

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