Liberty Day 2007

February 24, 2007

This weekend I had a wonderful experience that very few people can say they have had. Of course, being in frigid, frozen wasteland of Wisconsin certainly didn’t give a return trip to look forward to, but I had a great deal of fun nonetheless. But God’s providence was kind. Thirty minutes after we returned home, the snow began to fall, and by the next morning nearly 12 inches of snow had fallen!

Liberty Day 2007 was held in the gym at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL. The entire day (and a half) was dedicated to the learning of the history of Jamestown. As 2007 is the year of the Quadricentennial of the landing of the English at Jamestown, this event was both timely and inspiring. There is a great deal of America’ 400-year history that the vast majority of people have not heard about, and for the most part, have been lied to about. The amazing providence of God and His using sinners within His amazing plan is suppressed by the government and leaders of the modern revisionism of history.

At this wonderful event, I was privileged enough to listen to speakers Mr. Doug Phillips, Esq., and Mr. William Potter. Doug Phillips is the President of Vision Forum Ministries, and William Potter is a speaker on the history of America and many other historical events. Mr. Phillips brief speech on the history of the world, 7 myths of history, and the providences of God throughout His history.

The next day, Saturday February 24, Mr. William Potter began the day speaking on three figures God used providentially in the preparing of Jamestown: Robert Barnes, Richard Hakluyt, and Sir Francis Drake. Each one having an amazing and providential purpose in God’s plan for Jamestown.

Mr. Doug Phillips and Mr. William Potter both spoke several times throughout the day, each focusing on certain aspects of the amazing providence of God in the preparing of a new nation, and the beginning of the settlement of Jamestown, and how God protected it through times of peril and war, and through times of massacre; conversions to Christ, the marriage of Pocahontas and John Rolfe, the saving of John Smith by the Deliverance and the London Charter of 1606, and the establishment of common law.

After the end of the series of speeches, my family and I had the extreme privilege of meeting and shaking hands and speaking with Mr. Doug Phillips and his son, Justice, and his daughter, Liberty. My family and I are very strong supporters of Vision Forum, and are very pleased with what Mr. Phillips has done through his ministry, with countless CDs on countless subjects, including the providence and grace of God in history and our lives.

This experience has given me a greater understanding and a better perspective of the history of our country, especially that of Jamestown. What continues to baffle me is that at our 300th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown in 1907, Americans were giving thanks to God and praising him for His wonderful work to preserve Jamestown so that we could be here today. However, here on our 400th anniversary, historical revisionism across America is giving people all the more reason to be ashamed of our history, and calling those who came over to Jamestown British buffoons! We must remember our founding fathers, and make an effort to preserve the Christian history they have set for us, telling our children and grandchildren of the wonderful works of GOD. A true and Biblical heritage is a treasure and we must do what we can to proclaim and preserve it (Psalm 78).


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Matt! I also attended the Liberty Day conference. It’s a great event, isn’t it? I love listening to the history they provide. Great blog! Keep it up! =) ~Kris Ryder

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