What does the Bible say?

January 16, 2007

The Bible is the true, inerrant, infallible, authoritative verbal-plenary inspired Word of God. It is sufficient and holds Divine Authority. The Bible principally teaches what man is to believe about God, AND what duty God requires of man.

It is within the pages of the Bible that God teaches us who He is, who we are, how the world was created and how it has arrived at its current state of affairs. Scripture also tells us that man once loved God and His Law, but rebelled against Him and fell into a state of disobedience and misery. When the first man disobeyed God, he caused every man born after him, to be born dead in sin and rebellion. Men love to be their own lawgiver, doing as they please according to what is right in their own hearts. God’s Word tells us that He is angry about sin and that He punishes it with the death penalty. All men being born as sinners in rebellion are subject to the death penalty under God’s Holy wrath. However, the Bible has proclaims good news: Jesus Christ entered into His creation to rescue sinners from God’s wrath against sin. Jesus lived on earth in perfect submission and obedience to God and His Laws. This is important to know, because no man since the fall has been able to obey God perfectly, but breaks God’s Laws daily in thought, word and deed. Only Christ has accomplished perfect submission and obedience to God’s Law.

Jesus was crucified and died as a substitute for His people. Jesus sacrificed His life to save others from death. The people for whom He died were given credit for His perfect obedience to God’s Laws. While giving credit to His people for Jesus’ obedience, God simultaneously charged Jesus with their sins. This all occurred at the cross where Jesus absorbed the full punishment of God’s wrath against the sins of His people. Before Jesus died He declared His mission complete and His work of redeeming rebels and sinners finished. Jesus had restored what the first man had ruined. The wrath of God against the sin and rebellion of His people had been satisfied. Jesus died and was buried. Three days after He died, Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. He now sits at the right hand of the Father, living to intercede continually with the Father on behalf of His people. The Father is well-pleased with the Son and hears His intercession.

Are you a rebel following after your own heart? Are you comparing yourself to the people around you, to determine how good or how bad you are? Compare yourself to Jesus Christ who was perfect in thought, word and deed. He is the standard. If you do not match up, you will face the wrath of God against your sin. Or you can trust in Jesus Christ and be credited with the merit earned by Him. Your goodness versus Jesus, or His goodness credited to you?

The Bible commands men to stop following their own hearts and start following Jesus. Stop hoping you can earn your own way and put your faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. There will be no rebels in heaven. Only those who approach God with fear and trembling, repentant rebels who have plead for mercy and found forgiveness to be abundant in Christ alone.


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